The benefits of the 3Dose™ syringe in Aesthetic Medicine

Botulinum toxin is a proven treatment in aesthetic medicine to treat wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. However, the application of botulinum toxin requires precise dosing to achieve a natural look. That’s where the 3Dose™ syringe comes in, an innovation that significantly improves botulinum toxin injections and leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Precise dosing

Another innovation of the 3Dose™ syringe is its unique Click system, which allows the operator to precisely control and monitor the amount of injection. The syringe’s adjustable scale allows the operator to set the exact amount of botulinum toxin to be injected, and the syringe emits an audible and noticeable click to indicate that the correct amount has been achieved. This innovative system allows physicians and aesthetic medicine professionals to perform injections precisely and safely, increasing patient satisfaction.

Easy handling

The ease of use of the 3Dose™ syringe allows the focus to be on the patient and the area being treated. This results in greater efficiency when performing aesthetic procedures with botulinum toxin. The 3Dose™ syringe is thus an innovation that facilitates the daily work of doctors and professionals in aesthetic medicine and increases patient satisfaction.

Clear scale and compatibility

The 3Dose™ syringe also features a clear scale that allows for accurate dosing of botulinum toxin. The scale is easy to read and allows the operator to accurately determine the desired amount of botulinum toxin. The 3Dose™ syringe is also compatible with a variety of needle sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of aesthetic medicine applications. The 3Dose™ syringes are available with markings for normal units and for Speywood units.

Cost savings

Not only does using the 3Dose™ syringe save money, but proper needle design can help minimize botulinum toxin wastage. Zero-deadspace needles, which can be used in combination with the 3Dose™ syringe, minimize the excess botulinum toxin that normally remains in the needle. By accurately pre-dosing the amount of botulinum toxin to be injected, not only is the amount of botulinum toxin needed reduced, but the loss of botulinum toxin is also minimized, resulting in further cost savings.

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