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The PromaMedical is, your premium partner for injections. We specialize in high-quality products specifically designed for aesthetic medicine. Committed to excellence, we guarantee safety and efficacy by providing only the highest standard products. With PromaMedical, rest assured that your aesthetic medicine needs are well taken care of.

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Human Medicine - Shop

Welcome to Your PromaMedical Shop for Human Medicine. We are your trusted provider for high-quality injection materials. Our focus is on aesthetic medicine, with a wide range of products specifically developed for professional applications in this area.

Veterinary Medicine - Shop

Welcome to Your PromaMedical Shop for Veterinary Medicine. We specialize in providing high-quality injection supplies to veterinarians around the world. With our wide range of products, we aim to support the critical work of animal healthcare professionals everywhere.


Discover the difference with PromaMedical, where versatility meets quality. We offer top-notch injection supplies for both human and veterinary use, backed by our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service.


PromaMedical provides injection supplies for both human and veterinary use, serving a diverse range of medical fields.


PromaMedical guarantees superior quality in all their products, ensuring safety and effectiveness for all users.


Constant research and development is at the heart of PromaMedical, ensuring they stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

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PromaMedical offers outstanding customer support, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist with any queries or issues.

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Christian Wehrenpfennig

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Lugauer

Chief Executive Officer

Maximilian Danner

Head of Sales & IT

Michael Borchers

Head of Marketing

Stefanie Meier

Sales Representative


Our company operates across various core business areas, including medical product distribution, consulting services and customer support.

Yes, we cater to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets, ensuring accessibility for all customers.

Yes, we have an online shop where customers can conveniently browse and purchase our wide range of medical products.
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Yes, while our products are not available in physical stores, they can be ordered offline by contacting our sales team directly via telephone or fax.

While the majority of our products are available over the counter, it may be necessary to verify the purchaser’s qualification as a healthcare professional for certain specialized medical devices and equipment.

Yes, our company specializes in a diverse range of medical devices, with a particular emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. While we are the exclusive distributor for certain products, we also offer a comprehensive selection of additional medical devices to cater to various requirements.

Yes, our experienced team provides consulting services to assist customers with product selection, regulatory compliance, and best practices in healthcare.

Yes, all of our employees undergo rigorous training in our products and are TÜV-certified as medical device consultants

Customers can contact us via phone, email or fax to ask questions, request assistance, or place orders. Our contact information can be found on our website for easy access.

Our Shops

Human Medicine - Shop

Veterinary Medicine - Shop